Honorary Chairman

Helen Ayer Patton is the granddaughter of General George S. Patton, Jr. and Brigadier Gen. Willard Ames “Hunk” Holbrook. Her family’s military heritage spans 300 years. Ancestors also include Benjamin “Don Benito” Wilson, the first and mayor and deed holder of Los Angeles and Frederick Ayer, one of America’s first business magnates whose wife Ellen Banning was a classical actress of the “belle époque.” Helen’s father the late Maj. Gen. George S. Patton, IV was even more highly decorated than his famous father. He fought in the Korean war, was wounded in Viet Nam. On the forefront of deciphering concepts of counter insurgency, guerrilla warfare, and principles of readiness, Patton led and trained leaders who would fight in Oerations Desert Storm. He is survived by Helen’s mother Professor Joanne Stanley Holbrook, one of the early pioneers of Army Community Services and Child Development Centers with scholarship created in her name by The The National Military Families Association to assist higher learning for military spouses.

Born in Washington D.C. Helen lead the typical life of an Army “Brat” with multiple family moves to include Fort Walters, Rucker, Knox, and Hood as well as 3 tours to Germany. An amateur performer turned professional Helen began her career with the Department of Defense, singing for troops along the former East German border, Sinai Peninsula, and Thule Air Base in Greenland.

She is a graduate of Catholic University and London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She was cast opposite Brain Dennehy in the ABC Movie of the Week “A Father’s Revenge”. Helen later received a full merit scholarship and an MFA in directing from Northwestern University.

Helen worked closely with youth from the three main factions of Bosnia in Herzegovina helping them to pen a unifying charter promoting a single presidency for a unified Bosnia. The document was unveiled on the 10th anniversary of The 1995 Dayton Accord. She facilitated reunions between concentration camp and death march survivors and their liberators and is active in reaching out to German veterans in the spirit of reconciliation.

Helen has produced and participated in several acclaimed documentaries, plays and concerts. She produced America’s first Rap musical about homelessness “Sanctuary D.C.” and assembled a band of International artists to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D-Day presented on Utah Beach and in Luxembourg city premiering an original song “The Greatest Generation” commissioned by The Patton Foundation.

Named a Vice President of La Voie del la Liberté, Helen devotes most of her time welcoming WW2 veterans back to Europe with various centres of hospitality. Under the slogan “Enjoy the Taste of Freedom” her company Patton Brands, Int. helps sponsor her mission by featuring beer, champagne, and calvados produced locally along the Third Army’s famous route.

Helen is the recipient of The St. Maurice Medal issued by The National Infantry Association, the U.S. Army’s Freedom Prize, Knights of the Cross With the Red Heart from the Czech Republic, and received membership in France’s Order of Lafayette, and as a Knight of The Légion d`Honneur. She is especially proud of her special membership into The Chapel of Four Chaplains, which recognises “persons who have rendered service to humanity without regard to race, religion or

Helen resides in both Europe and the United States and is the mother of Ingmar Neils (22) & Ragnar Benjamin (20).