Social Media Director

Caitlin Rodgers is an entrepreneur, who has built two successful small businesses from the
ground up while raising a family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Having come from a family
originated in Southern Italy, she has a sincere passion for learning about other cultures and the history of her ancestors. Caitlin is a third generation American. Her grandfather joined the U.S. Navy in New York, moving to California after his service was complete to begin a family. He
found work as an engineer for the military producing, manufacturing and selling equipment for
ships, submarines and aircraft. Because of her family’s military history, Caitlin inherited a deep respect for the military from a young age, recognizing the opportunities provided to her family and the freedom protected by our men and women in uniform.

Growing up in sunny Southern California, Caitlin naturally gravitated towards sports, competing
in soccer, tennis and softball beginning at a young age. Additionally, she developed a passion
for writing, winning multiple awards and spelling contests throughout her years in school.
Nominated by the National Council Teachers of English in the Achievement Awards, she won
the categories of Best Themed Writing and Best Writing out of several thousands of national
students. To this day, Caitlin enjoys writing in her free time and has developed a knack for
social media marketing. Staying up on the latest branding trends, she utilizes her knowledge to
support her home-based businesses. A devoted wife, she enjoys being a mother while also
pursuing her dreams, staying fit and healthy, reading and being a child and animal well-being