Belinda Alexander is a senior strategist at BNY Mellon and has spent her career in private wealth management serving and working alongside families, private foundations and family offices to help design and implement lasting legacies representative of those who forged them. A daughter of a career Army veteran, she is passionate about supporting military organizations and veterans causes and giving back to the community.  Her dedication to preserving our nation's historical heritage and ensuring the price paid to secure our way of life is never forgotten, is more than a cause, it’s a way of life. Serving as President of Patton Legacy Sports, Belinda considers it an honour and privilege to be working alongside Michelle Strauss and The Patton Legacy Sports team to encourage, inspire, and raise awareness, of not just our military legacy and history but also to promote awareness that the purity of sportsmanship- the camaraderie, team building and positive enthusiasm all impact and can be powerful builders of cultural exchange, unity, and community identity- all through the love of sports. Harnessing the power of Sports platforms, we can engage and bring together our soldiers, veterans, and communities around the world in a way that fosters collaboration, and builds hope. Sports has a unique power to unite people in a way unlike anything else, and The Patton Legacy Sports team is dedicated to making sure it continues to be a vibrant and robust bridge for our military and communities the world over. Belinda also serves on the Boards for other organizations dedicated to impactful educational reform, as well as the arts.